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My Story

Just a Christian Woman, Trying to Make my Way Through the World on the Way to Heaven

Greetings!  Welcome to my blog! Let me introcuce myself.

I'm a Stay-At-Home, homeschooling mom of two boys with a passion for my family and for my God, not necessarily in that order.  I write my thoughts about faith and family and I warn my readers that my beliefs stem straight from the Bible, not from the traditions of men.  Because of this, I often strongly disagree with doctrines taught in the church.  

Chances are, if you're around my blog long enough, I will upset you in some way.  Please know that it is never my intent to upset anyone, nor to show disrespect towards anyone.  But it is my duty, as a Child of God, to speak the truth as it is shown to me by the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God.  Speaking the truth sometimes sounds like "hate speech" in today's politically-correct, don't-offend-anyone world.  On the contrary, it is not hate to speak the truth, it is the ultimate form of love. 

Because some of the topics I will write about are controversial, I will make it a strict policy to not reply to comments left on my blog.  I may remove comments if I believe they are leading people astry or if they are abusive and contain profanity.  This is a blog that sets out to honor Christ, so keep that in mind when commenting.

My desire here is to be open and honest, as well as humble and real, and to encourage, edify, and inspire, even if sometimes what must be said is a hard truth. 

Thank you for reading and sharing my thoughts with others.  Please email me if you'd like to start a dialogue on any topic, but know that in the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:16, I will not engage in "vain babblings".  I will be happy to share what I know, but if our dialogue becomes contentious, I will disengage from the conversation.

May God bless this blog and lead me in my writing to speak only the truth in spirit.


John 4:24 - God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


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