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The Bible Says You Can Know For Sure You're Going to Heaven!

1 John 5:13 is another verse in God's Word, of the many, that is just so amazing! Listen up all of you who have been told that you can't ever know for sure (while you're here on earth) that you can go to Heaven. There are a couple of points to make about this amazing verse.

1. Notice the terminology of "believe on" the name of the Son of God. Just as in the Gospel of John (chapter 3 specifically), there is a difference between believing "in" and believing "on". But that's not even the most amazing thing to take note of here.

2. The amazing part is that this verse states definitively that scripture was written for the purpose of making it so you can KNOW that you will go to Heaven when you die, all you have to do is believe on the name of the Son of God! (You must put your faith in Him, not just believe that He exists.)

Praise God!!!

You don't have to work for salvation, you don't have to do all those church things, you don't have to do anything but place your trust in GOD to get you to Heaven! Everything you do after that is evidence of your salvation, rather than effort put forth towards salvation. If you're working to get to Heaven, you are not saved and you will not get there. Let me say that again. If you are working to get to Heaven, you are not saved and you will not go there! However, if you are working because you already know you're going to Heaven and you want to do all you can to serve the God who saved you, you can be sure you're saved and you're going to Heaven. End of story!!

Now, answer yourself this: Do you believe God when He tells you plainly that He wrote scripture so you can KNOW you have eternal life, or are you going to believe your church leaders who tell you the exact opposite of what God tells you?

This is too important a question to leave unanswered.


Do you know, if you were to die today, whether or not you'll go to be with Christ after you die? Are you 100% and completely assured of your salvation? If not, please take the time to read this salvation message today. There is nothing more important than giving your life to Christ and securing your place in eternity. I pray the Holy Spirit leads you to a personal relationship with Christ today, and I pray that you follow with a willing heart wherever the Holy Spirit leads you.

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