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Romans 14, The Illuminati, Christian Freedom, Spiritual Warfare, and Other Divisive (But Important)

Before reading this post, I recommend reading part 1 here.

I started this topic and then I abandoned it for quite awhile. I had intended on getting all the different points discussed in a matter of a week or so, but then my desire to blog just left me. When this happens, I can question why this is, or I can just sit and wait. I choose to sit and wait. I know that the Lord works in His timing and if the topics I presented in part 1 were something God wanted me to finish writing about, He would inspire me in His own time. So, I abandoned it until He chose to tell me to move. Today, after a couple of weeks of no inspiration, He's finally moved me to write. I can only assume it is now is the perfect timing for someone to read this message.

The next topic up for discussion is a difficult one. It's one that delves into the underbelly of society and forces the reader to think beyond what they see and consider things that might border on frightening to some. And, as a result, many refuse to believe it and will go to great lengths to bury their head in the sand so they won't have to believe it.

I understand the fear. It's hard to believe that everything we have come to know as reality might have been slyly orchestrated and that it may not be reality at all. Let me just tell you, Satan has had many centuries, many millennia in fact, to work on his plan to deceive the whole world. And we know the time will come that the whole world will be deceived, even the saints. (Revelation 12:9) Now, the saints will be protected through God's truth and I don't believe their deception will be as great, but nonetheless, Satan is working to make the effect as devastating as possible. And he's been patient, carefully orchestrating his plan from eons ago.

So how has Satan been implementing that plan? I suspect that he's been doing it in a number of different ways, but the main players in his orchestra seem to be the Illuminati. Oh I know that as soon as someone mentions the name "Illuminati" they are looked at as some conspiracy theory freak and discounted. So be it. I'll take on the titles if you want to place them on me, I'm just going to share information and what you do with that information is up to you. Discount it, ignore it, or use it to gain a better understanding of what we're up against in this world. I'd recommend the latter, but you are free to choose either option.

So who are the Illuminati? Well, that's a loaded question and there would be a lot of history to cover to give you the full picture. But I'll just give you some basics. The Illuminati, the real society of the Illuminated (as they like to think of themselves), came into existence in 1776 (does that date ring a bell to anyone?) and one of their goals was to remove any supernatural or superstitious belief from society and religion; to include, but not limited to, Christianity. This means with their work which involved the Christian faith, they wanted to promote a form a Christianity with no virgin birth, no Christ raising from the dead, no miracles, and so on. (Sounds kind've like the Mormon faith, does it not? The Mormons and Freemasons are very closely related, sharing numerous rites and rituals.) When I think back to the man Thomas Jefferson, who I nearly idolized for many years, and how he "evangelized" the Native Americans, I now see it for something other than what it was...he evangelized them with his own bibles. Bibles in which he removed all the supernatural occurrences from the story. Yes, Thomas Jefferson was, if not an Illuminati, a Freemason. And it was the Freemasons (and Jesuits) who fathered the Illuminati. In fact, a vast majority of America's founding fathers, at least the ones you can name, were Freemasons. I'll leave that right there for you to ponder for a bit. And maybe, as you ponder, your view of "this great republic" we call the United States, will start to change a bit. Maybe you'll begin to see that it's not exactly the Christian nation that you once thought it was. And to that, I'd say, you're thinking correctly. At least it wasn't founded on true Biblical principles, even if many of the people who made up the nation at the time were true Christians. Remember how the general population were kept out of the proceedings that started our nation? Remember how it was all done in secret? That's a very typical method of both Freemasonry and the Illuminati. But this is a discussion for another post and another day. Back to the Illuminati.

The age of The Enlightenment birthed the mindset that allowed for the emergence of many secret societies, to include the Illuminati. What society calls the age of enlightenment, I would call the age of diving back into darkness. It was a time when people looked outside of Biblical truths and looked inside themselves for their own truths. It's also an age that brought about a shift in scientific thinking. The young Biblical earth eventually became millions of years old and a Biblically flat earth all of a sudden became round. (Granted, the groundwork for this thinking was started a couple hundred years prior to 1776, but it was the following 150 years or so that cemented the round earth theory in the minds of men.) Is it any wonder the changes this world has gone through since the enlightenment era? On a worldly scale, these "advances" seem like great wonders, and they have surely made our fleshly lives more convenient. But on a spiritual level, they have only managed to enslave us to material things and ideas. This is exactly the goal of groups like the Illuminati, to be able to "control them without dominating them". And they've done a bang up job of that haven't they?

To be more specific, the Illuminati was the brain child of Adam Weishaupt, a trained Jesuit who found Freemasonry to be too expensive, therefore he formed his own society, originally named the Perfectibilists and eventually the Illuminati. Their society symbol was the Owl of Minerva. Eventually, because his members were also joining Freemasonry, and for practical reasons, he too joined Freemasonry and merged the two societies. The story goes on, but you can read the rest of the story for yourself on Wikipedia. You see now that the Illuminati is a real society and that it is closely tied to Freemasonry. But today it is considered a higher level of Freemasonry and only the most trusted members are invited to become a part of it, though I suspect one could probably join the Illuminati without first joining Freemasonry.

It is here that naysayers begin to insert their dialogue and insist that the Illuminati, today, do not exist. And it is here that one will need to start connecting dots by paying close attention to every detail of society around them in order to see that there is more to what we experience in this world than meets the eye. Media and entertainment has been carefully crafted to keep us deaf and blind to the original plan of "controlling them without domineering them". If you deny that this is exactly what is happening today, well, then I'd say you've reached the highest level of control already and you may as well just stop reading now.

Now, I may not be able to convince you that the Illuminati are, in fact, real and controlling nearly every part of society, to include what you think and how you react in any given situation (because of the high frequency of conditioning you've been subjected to, through television and entertainment, pretty much from birth) but let me give you some visual help.

Now, nearly everyone has wondered about all the strange imagery on the dollar bill. I wonder what's up with that eye in the pyramid? And many other things on there that just seem strange. One of the tactics of the Illuminati is to "hide" themselves "in plain sight". They mock us commoners by putting every deception and every sign out there for us to see and observe, but it amuses them that we don't understand what it is we're seeing. And now that we've entered full force into the age of information, we can research and learn this stuff, but now the counter information campaign has begun. Now the Illuminati will admit to their methods and ways, but they do it in such a way that it seems like a joke, something to be laughed at as make-believe, which only keeps us in confusion and doubt. Are these not Satan's number one tactics and goals? To cause confusion and doubt? Take a look at the dollar bill and you will see that it is rife with Freemason and Illuminati symbolism. Some of these things one could probably laugh off as a stretch, but it is no stretch that the New Order is clearly laid out on our dollar bill, along with Satan's all seeing eye. Is there any other explanation for these two things other than what is clear and obvious; that Satan is making sure that he gets himself into every single household in this nation through the use of paper money?

Illuminati Imagery on the Dollar Bill

Now let me introduce you to how the all-seeing eye is plastered all over society through the fashion and entertainment industries, just to name a few.

Satanic Hand Gesture - All Seeing Eye

Do you still believe this is all just a coincidence?

What about that "ok" sign, which is really a Satanic 666 hand gesture giving honor to Satan. Oh sure, we think of that sign as just a way to say "ok", but Satan doesn't care what you think it is, just so long as you use it.

Satanic Hand Gesture - 666

This is what we call programming folks. You are being programmed to honor Satan in ways that don't seem to make a difference to you, but in ways that give Satan much enjoyment. This massive use of symbolism is no coincidence. Why do you think our Lord tells us to not look for signs? Yes, that scripture is talking about people seeking signs from God to prove that He's real, but I think there is a deeper meaning to it. Because He also wants us to stay away from graven images and idolatry, it goes to reason that He'd also be warning us to stay way from signs and symbols as well, unless He directly creates the symbol and commands us in the exact way He intends for us to use the symbols He created. I can only think of a time or two in Scriptures where this has been the case and in those cases, the symbols were either temporary or came with very specific instructions.

Now I realize I've strayed off of the path a little bit here. But I wanted to show you that we are being programmed to think a certain way and to behave in a certain way. And if you think this has all happened by coincidence, you're sadly mistaken. This has been a coordinated effort by none other than Satan himself, and pulled off by his demons which are strategically inserted into high places controlled by the Illuminati. You can easily research testimonies from celebrities and others who have given eye-witness accounts of the workings of these high-level people. Their influence is everywhere. Politics, sports, TV, movies, books, and even religion. You want to know who are associated with the Illuminati? Look at their prosperity. Satan is the god of this world and his fingerprint is on our paper money. He controls who becomes famous and who gets into the "20 million dollar club". And you can't do that without selling your soul to him. Therefore, if a person, any person has been allowed to enter into the limelight, prosper, and stay in that limelight, we, as Christian people, should be highly skeptical of them. Never assume that a person is a Christian who has gained notoriety in the entertainment industry. Stay vigilant and refuse to make an idol out of any man whose heart you cannot know and whose personage you have no access to (in order to verify their words with their actions).

What I have explained here is just the tip of the iceberg. It's just a sampler platter of a topic that can take you many years of researching. But it's important for you to be wise to the Illuminati and who they are. It's also important to understand to who they're connected. Nothing is safe anymore. Even Disney is sold out to the Illuminati (and I'd contend that was the case from the very beginning). Since when do God's people think it's ok to teach their young girls about witchcraft and their young boys about wizardry? These things are not harmless or else our God would not have warned us in Scripture over and over to stay away from it. The Disney Company has been programming us for decades to love witchcraft and to spend more time seeking pleasure in it (through their countless witchcraft movies) and less time seeking pleasure in God's Word. And boy have we fallen hard for it.

"To control them without dominating them."

How much control does the Illuminati have over you? Now that you've read this article, will you begin the process of breaking the chains of their control over your life? It is a life-long process. It's one I'm still, myself, engaged in. But God is merciful and is willing to give us the victory so long as we are faithful in prayer, asking Him to bestow it upon us. The Illuminati may seem dark and terrifying, but understanding that they exist actually gives me hope and encouragement. I know that Satan is still frantic to deceive but I also know that his efforts are futile. Oh sure, he'll deceive many, the whole world in fact, but I know my King will reign supreme and will put an end to all of his machinations one day. I'm encouraged because I know that things must get worse before they get better and I'm so thankful that God has opened my eyes to these particular workings of Satan. I now can safeguard myself against his fiery arrows through understanding, but mostly through the putting on of the armor of God. If ever I needed to know how important that armor is to don, it is now that I'm aware of the Illuminati.

Gird up your loins Christians, we still have much work to do.


Do you know, if you were to die today, whether or not you'll go to be with Christ after you die? Are you 100% and completely assured of your salvation? If not, please take the time to read this salvation message today. There is nothing more important than giving your life to Christ and securing your place in eternity. I pray the Holy Spirit leads you to a personal relationship with Christ today, and I pray that you follow where the Holy Spirit leads you.

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