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Riots Across The Land - Stop. Please, Just Stop

​Election protests in Colorado, Iowa, California, New York, Tennessee, DC, Philadelphia and probably in other places of which I'm not yet aware.

Are these not the same people whose mantra over the last eight years was, "You lost, get over it"?

I won't say that, but I will say this. People, just stop. This is ridiculous. Why must you act like infants just because you don't get your way? Act like adults and realize we can live together, even with our differing opinions, if you'll just realize we're all people who just want to live in peace. Are you not the ones who espouse the slogans, "tolerance" and "coexist"? Then why not practice what you preach for once? You're constantly calling Christians hypocrites but you fail to recognize your own hypocrisy.

Just stop it already. Please. You can't always get what you want and neither can I for that matter. For Pete's sake, even Miley Cyrus understands that!

#Election2016 #LiberalRage #Coexist #Tolerance

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